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The tools and techniques you see in this store are used by our consultants in the workplace to improve business perfomance. Courses are designed specifically to develop your competence and confidence to facilitate change

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Sample of 5S Numbers Game eLearning package. The exercise is based on establishing a well organised workplace with an introduction to 5s methods. It takes around 15 minutes to complete and can become very competitive. Enjoy! Read More

This is a sample extract of one of the exercises from the CMI level 5 consultancy skills course. The exercise is a self-reflection one, assessing your current mode of operating when working with clients. Read More

FD 102 Introduction to Problem Solving This course will provide you with an understanding of the fundamental tools, techniques and structured methodologies for problem solving. Overview  The Problem Solving eLearning course is centred around the concept of using a single A3-size sheet of paper to capture knowledge from each problem solving activity. This type of methodology has been used by many highly successful organisations and can be applied in a range of circumstances. For example, the car manufacturer and multinational corporation Toyota use this methodology to train their employees. it's a proven and structured problem-solving approach, which contributes to their success and growth. Duration of course: Approximately 16.5 hours  Structure: 4 modules and three exercises (with instructor led feedback), applying learning to trainees real problem, knowledge assessments + final assessment at completion Assessment: 40 multiple choice questions assessment at the end of the course (75% pass mark)  Outcome This Problem Solving course provides participants with the understanding of, and the skills to apply the A3 process effectively in the workplace. The learners will know how to describe a problem, its nature, scope and impact, understand how and when to use the Seven Quality Tools and the importance of visual management techniques to expose abnormalities against a standard or plan.   On completion of the course you will gain a Chartered Quality Institute foundation level certificate: Introduction to Problem Solving. Read More

This is a standalone module from the CMI Level 5 Consultancy skills course. It's vital to deliver value during each meeting or workshop with the client. This will give you the tools and techniques for a professional and structured approach. Read More

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